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Creating Persistent Article Links

What Is a Persistent Link

A persistent article link (or durable link) is a stable URL pointing directly to a specific article within a licensed literature database or an electronic journal site. Through the library's proxy service, Stanford users can access proxied persistent article links on- and off-campus.

Proxied article links are especially useful for posting in Learning Management System, such as Canvas or sharing with students or colleagues via email. When clicking on the link, viewers will be prompted by the proxy server to log in with their SUNet ID. The linked full-text article will immediately open after login.

Why Use a Persistent Link

When referring to an article on the Web, people often copy the URL in the browser address bar. Unfortunately, this URL may be a temporary address which breaks after a few hours or it may disappear after the website is redesigned or content removed.

Persistent article links in library subscription databases or electronic journal sites will not break or expire, as long as the content is available within the resource. Using proxied persistent links means that Stanford users will always be able to open the links via library subscriptions.

Using persistent links also ensures copyright compliance. Your library has paid for the license so you may post these links in Canvas or share them with other Stanford users for academic purposes. It saves your and your assistants' time and resources from securing copyright clearance for individual articles.

Additionally, using links within a library research resource provides evidence to your library that you have found the resource useful for your teaching or research activities. Your librarians regularly monitor and analyze subscription resource usage patterns. The insights obtained from usage analytics help the library make licensing and renewal decisions. Please use library subscriptions to communicate the value you find in library resources.

How to Create a Persistent Link

Library literature databases and eJournal sites typically provide a persistent link for its full-text articles. To create a proxied persistent link, you will need to add the following proxy prefix to the persistent article link provided by the library resource:

The proxy prefix:

An example of the proxied persistent link:

This guide will show you where to find the persistent link for an article in each of the popular library literature databases and how to add the proxy prefix to the link.

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