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Database Guide: CB Insights

How to Access

Go to Databases A-Z and click on CB Insights link. Upon the first login, current Stanford community members must create individual accounts using their valid Stanford emails.

Content Coverage & Description

CB Insights is a comprehensive global database on private companies and investors activities. Search tools let the users retrieve quantitative investment data and research profiles of investment firms, individual investors, and private companies, including data on companies’ valuations. Excellent resource for job search in private sector and for interview preparation.

How to Search

For profiles of an individual company or investor, use the search box in upper right.

For the following advanced search options, use Search on the top menu:

  • Deal Search: create custom set of deals by using filters in left column. Click Add more columns to customize results display if needed. Click See results at top left when done. Additionally you can do the following:
    • Save a search: create custom activity feeds for your MyCBI homepage
    • Schedule a search: automatically receive updates to your inbox for new deals that fit your search criteria
  • Company Search: create a custom set of private companies by using filters in left column. Click Add more columns to customize results display if needed. Click See results in upper left when done.
  • Investor Search: create a custom set of investors by adding search criteria. Click Search in upper right when done.
  • Valuation/Multiple Search: create a custom set of companies by using filters in left column. Click See results in upper left when done. With the results displayed, select individual company to open its profile. Under Financing tab find the valuation figure and the source(s) of valuation data.
  • Rankings: create custom rankings by either of the following criteria: Acquirers (by number of acquisitions), Exits (by valuation $ amount), Financings (by investment $ amount), Investors (by number of deals or by number of exits). Select criterion in the box at top and further refine your request by using filters in left column. Click See results in upper left when done.
  • Similar Companies: create a set of peer companies. Use text box to find a company of interest. On the results list, click Add next to the company name. If your base company produces matches, choose the companies to include in the set by clicking the Add next to the names of the matched companies. Those selected companies populate the list on right. After you are done adding companies, click Analyze These Companies to create and save a custom list of peers.

Downloading results. Export results to Excel or save profiles as PDFs by selecting a respective button. Remember the limit of 6,000 downloads and profiles each per person, per year.

Industry Analytics

Through interactive visual and data presentation, analyze 160 industries from the investment perspective. From the top menu select Analytics & Research > Industry Analytics

Common features for each display:

  • Each chart is interactive
  • Click-thru function behind the numbers drills down to company data
  • The button below each chart offers an option to view data in table format
  • No Excel download feature as the data is constantly updated

Industry Analytics Tabs

Heatmap: At-a-glance view of which industries get the most funding.

Exits analytics: At-a-glance view of which industries succeeded in the most number of deals and exits (M&As and IPOs); view correlation between funding and exits. Select Exits tab from top.

Geographies analytics: At-a-glance view of investment activities by continent, countries, or cities where available. Select Geographies tab.

Customize display in all three modules by the following options:

  • Adjust time period by using slider at top of graph to show quarterly activity for up to the latest 10 years
  • In Heatmap, select individual industry to view funding distribution by sub-industries; in Exits, select individual industry from the box at top to view exits/deals activity
  • In Geographies, select individual geographical segment, e.g. continent, country etc. as available
  • Select types of funding from the ones listed below the graph.

Individual Industry Analytics

View investment activity by industry. Select industry either from the interactive chart or in the box at top left. With the industry selected, click See more charts about... button at top right. Compare selected industry with another one; analyze industry investment history and trends by selecting metrics from left navigation. Depending on your criteria, data coverage varies from the latest one to five years.

Individual Geography Analytics

View investment activity by geographic segments. Select geography from the interactive chart and click See more charts about... button at top right. Analyze investment activity in the chosen area by selecting metrics from left navigation. Data coverage for the latest two or five years.

CB Insights Credits

Limit of 6,000 of Download and Profile Credits a year per user.

One Profile Credit = one profile view

One Download Credit = one selected Excel line

Search Tips

To check balance of Profile and Download Credits, from the top menu select You > Your Account

To read the latest news on executive appointments related to investment activities, from the top menu select CBI Labs > Movers & Shakers