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Database Guide: Preqin

How to Access

Go to Databases A-Z and click on Preqin link.

Content Coverage & Description

Preqin offers comprehensive global research on investment industry. Library's subscription include Private Equity and Hedge Funds services which offer detailed information and analytics on firms, funds, deals, and portfolio companies.

Coverage includes:

  • Performance data on over 5,000 funds dating back to 1999
  • Profiles of over 11,000 hedge funds

How to Search

Click on Private Equity or Hedge Funds link at top navigation bar. Then select a specific dataset included in the service from the column on the left and click search on bottom right. From the expandable menu under each dataset select a type of search pertaining to query.

For custom screening using multiple criteria including keywords search, select Advanced Search.

Exporting Results

Click respective icon at top right to print or export results to Excel. Use Save icon to save results to custom peer group or target list in Preqin.  

Selected Features in Private Equity Service

Funds in Market dataset: Get a count of funds matching selected criteria.  

Performance Analyst dataset: Create a custom set of funds and benchmark their performance against market standards or against custom benchmark.

Venture Deals Analyst or Buyout Deals Analyst dataset: View/download global IPO pipeline listing.

Selected Features in Hedge Funds Service

Funds > Fund Performance subset: View analytics based on industry benchmark on multiple parameters, e.g, investment strategy, type of fund, geography focus etc. or create and benchmark your custom set of funds against industry standards.

Fund Terms and Conditions dataset: View industry standards on manager’s fees for different types of funds and locations. Or select Advanced Search to create a custom set of funds to compare with industry standard fees schemes.

Fund Managers dataset: Create your own ranking of fund managers’ performance or select the League Tables.

Typical Questions Answered by This Database

  • What is the landscape of the private equity and venture capital industry in the U.S.?
  • Which PE or VC funds are investing in biotechnology industry in the U.S.?
  • Who are the top individual or family investors interested in clean technology?
  • What are the venture deals for second round of financing of over 10 million?
  • What are the terms of specific hedge funds and how they are compared to industry averages?
  • Which hedge funds are top performers for the past 5 years?

Support Resources

Click Support link in top navigation for data definitions in each dataset.