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Database Guide: ThomsonONE

This guide provides quick instructions on how to use the Excel Add-in (i.e. Spreadsheet Link) to download data from Thomson ONE database. Spreadsheet Link is available on designated computers in Trader's Pit of the Business Library. For more information, see Spreadsheet Link User Guide.

To access the database, go to Business Databases A-Z, and click on the database name.

Manual data downloading

For downloading limited data for a limited set of companies.

  1. Select Thomson Reuters in Excel
  2. Copy or paste in tickers, SEDOLs or other identifiers in column A, starting with cell A2 and down. Use Identifiers function to determine what identifiers are acceptable. List can be a combination of types of identifiers
  3. Position cursor in cell B1
  4. Select Data Items. In resulting window, enter  =A2  in Identifier box
  5. Select desired data to report in column B. Select Export
  6. Repeat with different data for each column, e.g. C1, D1, E1, for each company in column A
  7. To populate, drag right corner of top populated cell in column, e.g. B2, downward 


To create charts of companies, indices or other entities.

  1. Select Thomson Reuters
  2. Select Chart
  3. Select Entity Type, e.g. Company. 
  4. Search for entity, using Identifier Lookup.  Add. Close
  5. Select Category. If Custom, select Add Data Items and select items. Add. Close.
  6. Set axes, if appropriate. Export
  7. In Export Options window, OK

Bulk data downloading

For downloading several data items for set of several companies.

  1. Select Thomson Reuters in Excel
  2. Select Report
  3. In Identifiers, select desired a company. Search for name in window. Add, then Close. Repeat for additional companies
  4. In Time Frame, select Single Period or Time Series, then Frequency.
  5. In Data Items, select Add. Select data item. Add, then Close. Repeat for additional data items.
  6. In Format, select appropriate layout. Select Export.
  7. In Export Options, select OK


To screen for companies by exchange, industry, country or other criteria.

  1. Select Thomson Reuters
  2. Select Screen
  3. Select Add, in toolbar
  4. Review dropdown categories in line below, e.g. key descriptive items. Select category or categories. Select OK to add criteria
  5. Show Results 
  6. Export. In Export Options window, set any requirements and click OK