Database Guide: IBISWorld: Charts & Industry Wizard


All charts and graphs in the reports are interactive which offers a better visual presentation of relations between various data points over time. Also, you can easily select and deselect parameters to create different view for data presentation.

Exporting and viewing charts: Click the icon at top right of the chart to select viewing and exporting options.

  • Click View Data to view chart as a data table
  • Select for PNG or CSV as export formats.

See also IBISWorld Interactive Charts video tutorial.

Interactive Charts Video Tutorial

Industry Wizard

US Industry Wizard is an online tool that lets you create and export custom lists of industries based on your specific criteria.

To use the Wizard:

  1. From the top bar, select Expert Tools > US Industry Wizard. That will open the IBISWorld Industry Wizard window. Note the quick walk-through instructional video and transcript in the center.
  2. From the left side bar, select your criteria from available categories, e.g. Industry performance, Operating Conditions, etc. As you add criteria, the number of matching industries or sectors is dynamically updated on right.
  3. When done, click View Matches button above the criteria selection window on right.
  4. With the results displayed, use additional options if needed to edit, or search, or start a new search by clicking the buttons at top right:

Also, click the Quick Lists section in left side bar to view/download pre-selected lists.