Database Guide: FactSet: Finding Identifiers

How to Use Identifier Lookup

Find identifiers throughout FactSet search by using Identifier Lookup function by two methods:

  • To find an individual security identifier, enter the name of a security in the Identifier Search box , then select the security from a drop-down list.
  • Launch Identifier Lookup to select individual or multiple securities in Identifier Lookup search window.
    NOTE: Identifier Lookup function is content-aware respective to your position on a specific tab.

To evoke the Identifier Lookup function:

  1. Click the Identifier Lookup (magnifying glass) icon. That will open the Identifier Lookup window.
  2. In Identifier Lookup window, select a category in left panel.

    NOTE: The list of categories varies depending on application tab. For example, if you look for identifiers on Company/Security tab, the selection will be limited to the categories from which you can search for identifiers for this specific application. And this rule applies to each tab where you use the Identifier Lookup function.
  3. Enter keyword(s) in Search box of the Identifier Lookup window..
  4. Find an identifier on the list. Double-click to select.
  5. Depending on application tab, click OK, or Add Selected, or Add ID etc.

Equities Identifiers Filters

In Identifier Lookup window you can customize filters for screening identifiers, for example by choosing between active/inactive equities, limiting search to primary equities, etc. (By selecting Primary equities, you limit your search to equities that are determined by location of a parent company only).

Example based on Company/Security tab.

  1. Click Company/Security tab.
  2. Click Identifier Lookup (magnifying glass) icon in top left corner. That will open Identifier Lookup window.
  3. Filters, similar to the ones shown on the figure below, are displayed at the top of the window.

  • Click the X to remove individual filters
  • Use the buttons on right to remove all filters, or to reset to default.
  • For more selections, click the to open the drop-down list with additional filters, such as active/inactive securities, primary/all, etc.

How to Create a Custom List of Identifiers

Use custom lists of identifiers to run reports in Excel. FactSet offers several options for creating custom lists.

Create custom lists of identifiers of any financial instrument, e.g. company securities, bonds, mutual funds etc., using Watchlist.
  1. Select Quotes tab > Watchlist subtab.
  2. To select identifiers, use either or a combination of the following two methods:
    • Use Identifier Lookup function to add individual identifiers
    • Copy-Paste identifiers such as an Excel list of companies' tickers, CUSIPs, or SEDOLs into the Watchlist window
  3. From right-click menu, select Save Ticker List.
  4. Enter filename and save in Personal folder.

View FactSet Creating a Custom List of Identifiers in Watchlist video tutorial

Create a custom list of companies' securities using Screening.
  1. Select Screening tab > Ideas Screening subtab.
  2. Screen for companies. See Screening: Companies & Deals section of this guide under Screening and Excel tab.
  3. With results open, click the Save icon and select Save Identifiers.
  4. Enter filename and save in Personal folder.