Database Guide: FactSet: Creating Custom Reports

Creating Custom Companies' Reports with Company Guide

Use Company Guide application to create a custom PDF report for up to eight identifiers of the same financial instrument, e.g. company securities, commodities, funds etc.

  1. Select Company/Security tab.
  2. Select identifier by using a Search box. For example:
    1. Enter MSFT in Search box.
    2. From the top of auto-fill list, select Fixed Income as a financial category.
    3. Select an identifier.
  3. Click Company Guide green button permanently displayed at top toolbar on right.
  4. In Guide(@CG) window, click the Download icon in top right corner
  5. In Download Dialog box, select Current Ticker or Multiple Tickers.
  6. With Multiple Tickers selection, click the Identifier Lookup (magnifying glass) icon. That will open the Identifier Lookup window where you can select up to eight identifiers from the same financial category., e.g corporate bonds. To continue with the prior example:
    1. In Identifier Lookup window, select Bonds > Corporate Debt in left panel.
    2. Enter Microsoft (or any other company's name) in Search box. Click Search.
    3. Double-click to select. Repeat with the other companies' names as needed. Select up to eight identifiers. Each selected identifier populates the box below.
    4. Click OK when done. All selected identifiers show up in Guide(@CG) window.
      NOTE: If identifiers have not transferred to the Guide's window, double-check the financial category, e.g. financial category of the identifier in Company/Security application should be the same as financial category of selected identifiers.
  7. Once the identifiers are selected, click Page Setup tab, and select sections for report and report layout.
  8. Click OK when done.
  9. Open or Save report.

Creating Custom Company Reports with Book Builder

Use Book Builder application to create a custom company report in PDF format and include user own files if needed.To create report:

  1. Click Book green button permanently displayed at top toolbar on right.
  2. In top right corner of the BookBuilder (@Book) window, click New icon > Create New Book.
    NOTE: Expand the BookBuilder window to the right if you don't see the icon.
  3. Use Search box or click Identifier Lookup (magnifying glass) icon to find a company's ID.
  4. Start building report's content by selecting sections from left Sections panel to the middle section, and then to the Table of Content right column. NOTE: Add sections and own files to Table of Content in the order of final arrangement of content.

    To add own files,
    • Click Custom Section link at the bottom of Table of Content panel.
    • Click the Download icon.
    • Select file(s) and click OK when done.
  5. Review and, if needed, edit section titles and report title.
  6. Click Create Book.
  7. Select additional formatting and notification options. Click OK when done.
  8. In the BookBuilder Library window, select Open/Save, or Send to Drive, or Edit, or Delete option from respective icons.

Additionally, click Templates tab to create a book template, if needed, for future reports.