Database Guide: FactSet: Selected Tabs Overview

Selected Tabs Overview

Company/Security: Detailed analysis of any individual security from any financial category (company security, commodity, fixed income, etc.). Notable features:

  • All financial data is clickable all the way to the the source document (NOTE: Financial data is clickable throughout the database)
  • Where available, customizing results options displayed at top of the page
  • Historical prices are available for multiple securities
  • Option for quick comparison with other identifier in the second window. Click the icon in top right corner and choose the identifier. Data in the second window is for viewing only.

Charting: Flexible charts on multiple identifiers and multiple series. Notable features:

  • Ability to create comparison graphs and respective side-by-side data tables for historical time series for multiple identifiers
  • Intraday pricing availability. One minute increment for the latest one month; five minutes increment for the latest one year
  • Export options to Excel for both charts and data tables. To export, click the Tools icon icon in top right corner above the graph and select Download Raw Data to Excel.

Markets: Detailed analysis of current and historical performance of global equities, fixed income, commodities, ETFs, and FX markets. Includes prices, returns, estimates, ratings and more.

Economics: Current and historical economic and financial data on close to 100 countries. Notable features:

  • Individual countries and regions' reports including government finance, main economic indicators, brokers' estimates and forecasts on a number of economic indicators
  • Side-by-side comparison of countries and regions by current and historical financial and economic data
  • Current and historical estimates on different countries' financial and economic indicators
  • Current, historical, and upcoming countries' monetary policy rates

Industry: Detailed industry overview, including financials, key players, M&A activity, analysts' research and more. NOTE: select industry through selecting identifier. For example, by choosing Facebook, get access to Internet Software Services industry sector.​

Calendar: Detailed listing of corporate and economic events, transcripts, and recent and upcoming IPO. Notable features:

  • Searchable dataset of Conference Calls of different types (earning calls, Analysts & Investor Meetings etc.) with applicable documents such as detailed transcripts, audio recordings, slides etc.
  • Listing and short analysis of recent and upcoming IPOs under the Syndicate sub-tab