Database Guide: Global Financial Data: Screening, File Upload

Screening Search

Stock Screening and Ranking tool lets you screen stocks from 23 major indices historically from as far back as the data is available using multiple screen criteria as well as create and save in GFD your custom indices.

NOTE: This function is available only with individual account. (See Logging In section on Overview page of this guide).

  1. Click Stock Screen/Ranking tab.
  2. Select filters from available options, e.g. indices, industry, date, etc. Click Next when done.
  3. Select Data items, e.g. price, market cap, dividend. Click Next when done.
  4. Click the Edit icon to add additional filters to screen if needed, e.g. ranking, dates, price range etc.
  5. Click Display Results.

Working with results:

With results opened:

  • Use icon on right of each individual series to download or graph the series
  • Select multiple/all series and use icons below results on left to download results to Excel, or add series to Workbook, or export selected results as a list. (See Working with Multiple Results section on Overview page of this guide).

Creating custom indices:

  1. Select series from results and click the Create Custom Index of Screening Results icon below results on right.
  2. In the Create Custom Index box, fill in the required fields, e.g. Index Symbol, Index Title, Start Date, etc.
  3. Click Save. That will save your index in Custom Indices folder in My Tree directory in left panel at top. Also, a new tab, My indices, will be added to top tabs menu above the main window.

Access to custom indices:

  • Access and download data from your custom indices at any time under My Indices tab at top tabs menu
  • If you need to modify your custom index, go to My Tree > Custom Indices in left panel at top and select the index. That will open the box where you can specify changes, e.g. start date, add/remove series, etc.

File Upload

Run search on your own user-created list of GFD symbols. The easy way to create a list of symbols is to use the Export Results as List function from one or multiple searches, and then in Excel select symbols and save them in .csv file format and store the file for future use. This function gives an additional option to run a search against a custom set of series at any time.

To upload a custom list of GFD series:

  1. Click File Upload tab at top.
  2. Click Choose File and select .csv file from your computer.
  3. The filename shows in box. Click Upload File.
  4. That will open the series in Search Results window. From this point on, use the options to manage results as described in Working with Multiple Results and Downloading Results sections on Overview page of this guide.