Database Guide: CB Insights

How to Access

Content Coverage & Description

CB Insights is a comprehensive global database on private companies and investors’ activities. Search tools let the users retrieve quantitative investment data and research profiles of investment firms, individual investors, and private companies, including available data on companies’ valuations, as well as selected reports and research articles.

Excellent resource for job search in private sector and for interview preparation.

CB Insights Credits

Limit of 6,000 of Download Credits a year per user.

One Download Credit = one selected line to export to Excel

How to Search


Enter keywords in the Search box at top and make your selection from the auto-fill list.

Use keyword search in combination with Advanced Filters.

  1. Click Advanced Filters to open additional filters at top.
  2. Enter keywords in the Search box.
  3. Narrow down results by selecting the categories displayed at top:CB insights intelligenceCompaniesInvestors ♦ News.


Select Advanced Search in left column to create the custom sets of deals, companies, or investors-acquirers.

  1. Click Advanced Search > Deal Search, or Company Search, or Investor-Acquirer in left panel.
  2. Select filters on left and define criteria in the Filters box.
  3. Once you have selected all the filters in the box, click the Close Filters button in the top left corner of the box.
  4. Click See results at top left when done.
  5. With the results displayed, you may perform additional operations:
  • Click Add more columns at top right to customize results' display
  • For Deals Search results toggle between Data and Chart tabs. Select different parameters for a chart from the column on left.
  1. Select items to download and click the Excel icon on left on the top gray bar. Note the download limit in CB Insights Credits section of this guide in the left column.


Research Search

Find CB Insights research reports and briefings on investment climate, emerging technologies, companies' valuations and more.

  1. Click Research in the left column.
  2. Select category at top from: IndustriesGeographiesInvestments & ExitsInfographicsReportsEvents. Open the drop-down list in each category to find the topic of interest.

NOTE: Expert Intelligence reports are not included in academic subscription.

Alternatively, use the keyword search and select CB Insights Research category at top. See: How To Search section of this guide.