How to Access

Go to Databases A-Z, and click on Ad$pender.

Content Coverage & Description

Date Coverage: 1995–current. Data generally available within 4-8 weeks of air date. For exact dates click “Show Data Availability” at the bottom of time period screen.

Media Coverage: Television ( network, cable, spot, Spanish-language network, syndicated), Radio (Network, national spot, local), Magazines (consumer, b-to-b, local, Sunday, Spanish-language), Newspapers (national, local, Spanish-language), Internet, Outdoor

When to Use: Find how, when and where the competition spends their advertising dollars. Advertising expenditures can be examined in 18 media types and ranked by brand, product or media.

Print/Download: Once a report is displayed use the toolbar options to print, save or email a report.

How to Search

Click Create located under Custom Reports on the left.

  1. Media: Choose the Media to include (The default is all media). Click on Market to choose area (The default is all markets).
  2. Time Period: Select a single time period from the dropdown menu. Specify a date range or Select Multiple Time Periods.
  3. Product Set:
    • Choose products, brands or companies that you wish to measure for advertising, spending, and media placement. 
    • To determine a brand or product for your search, use the All Categories box and scroll down to Brand.
    • In the Any Word box, type the name of the product.
    • For example: To compare brands or products, use the Drill button at the bottom of the page after you have searched for your product. Choose Microcategories, then select the appropriate category, drill down to Brands again, and choose the products to compare to your original product.
  4. Report Format: Choose the display format of your report. (The default column/row is: Media/Product.)
  5. Report Options: Make layout changes (Typically you can accept the default setting.)
  6. Report Summary: Enter the report name. Click on Run Report. NOTE: It takes time for the database to run a report.  Click Refresh to check the latest status. You may need to click Refresh several times.
  7. View Report: Click on the PDF and spreadsheet icons.

Typical Questions

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