COVID-19's Impact on Business

Resources and strategies for researching the impact of the novel-coronavirus on businesses and the economy.

COVID-19 Related Business Data

Below are links to datasets that are or may be freely available to academic researchers. Some data may need to be requested directly from the provider.

Members of the Stanford community can always Ask Us for additional recommendations.

Employment Data

This is a mix of traditional employment sources (e.g. Department of Labor) and other datasets that have been released in the wake of COVID-19. View a quick primer on interpreting official unemployment figures.

Additional Resources

Policy Trackers

While most of these sites haven't released a raw dataset, it may be possible to get access to the underlying data to use for academic analysis.

U.S. State / Local / Regional Policies

Country Policies

Business Policies

Mobility Data

Below are a variety of datasets and reports focused on the movement of people in the US (mostly collected by map-related apps on smartphones).

COVID-19 Cases

The following are a selection of data sources for tracking coronavirus cases.

Internet Use & Access

Another area that has seen dramatic changes during the pandemic has been internet use. The following sources provide data on internet usage around the world.

Internet Use

Internet Access

Additional Resources

Finding COVID-19 Related Data

Below are some places you can go to browse or search for datasets related to business-focused COVID-19 research.

About this Guide

Access Note: This site includes links to some resources only available to current Stanford faculty, staff, and students. If you are not a current Stanford affiliate and a link doesn't work for you, check your local library to see if you have access to the resource.

For medical and public health information about COVID-19 and its spread, please see other great resources provided by the CDC.

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