Database Guide: Lux Research: Overview

How to Access


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When to Use

  • To find market research reports and analysts' articles on emerging technologies such as alternative fuels, big data, digital health, and more
  • To identify companies worldwide operating in emerging technologies markets
  • Learn about science-driven technologies, business models, and competitiveness of companies in global growing markets

Search Tips

  • On Companies page, click Lux Search Templates box at top right to view/select pre-screened companies' sets
  • When selecting filters on Companies, Markets, or Technologies page, slide the bar to the right to view all available filters
  • On Companies page, in results table, hover mouse over green box with scorecard metric number to view a short explanation for a specific score

Content Coverage & Description

Lux Research offers in-depth reports on global emerging technologies markets. Its coverage also includes analysts' analyses of over 6,000 companies worldwide, mostly private, developing and implementing science-driven innovation technologies, as well as the recordings of webinars held by Lux analysts.

How to Search

Lux Research offers user-friendly interface to perform searches.

  1. From the top menu select your search category: Companies, Technologies, or Markets.
  2. At top of each category page, select filters and / or enter search terms in Keywords box. For multiple selections, hold down Ctrl or Shift key. 
    – Results in the table below dynamically update as you add criteria
  3. Optionally, modify results display by clicking the Show/hide columns button above results on right.
  4. To export results' table to Excel, click the Download CSV button above results on right.
  5. Click Reset Filters button at top right to start a new search.

Notable Features


  • Scorecard section on any individual company's page offers analysis of the company's performance on a sliding scale by main business criteria. Hover mouse over green scale to view the scores definitions.
  • The Compare to Competitors link at top right on any individual company's page, opens a side-by-side table comparing the company of interest with its competitors on business model, scorecard, and key metrics parameters


  • Research type Report represents a structured, comprehensive research on technology or market. Report is build as PowerPoint slides. All slides are editable in PowerPoint.
  • The links at top right on any individual report page, offer viewing and downloading options, including saving report as a PDF document, or by selecting the Download briefcase link, saving all slides as individual PowerPoint files.
  • Research type Webinar offers a full list of past and upcoming webinars in the area of interest. Uses can sign up for upcoming webinars or by selecting links at top of a past webinar page, watch or listen to a webinar, or view/download contents as a PDF document or as slides.


  • Graphical presentation of companies' profitability in selected industry sector based on different business parameters
  • Each circle in the chart represents a company. By hovering mouse over a circle, gain quick access to a company's snapshot.