Medical Device Industry

This guide is designed to give you an overview of resources for to research the medical device market and industry.

Guide Contents

Market vs. Industry Reports

Medical Device Market Intelligence

Market Reports & Data

These databases contain pre-packaged market reports that cover the medical device industry.

Additional Resources

Market Players / Company Lists

Research key players or build your own list that includes more than just those with the largest market share.

Medical Device Industry Analysis

Industry Reports

Industry reports provide an overview of an industry, focusing on the companies that create the products or services, their supply chain, and things that could impact the industry (e.g. trade wars, changing consumer habits, etc.).

Additional Resources

Industry Associations

Industry associations are a great source of information. Look for sections on their website titled "Resources", "Publications", "Data". Note that some materials may be restricted to members. Some examples are:

Additional Resources


Regulating bodies (both in governments and independent agencies) often are a great source of data and information about the industries they regulate.

Related Resources

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