Database Guide: Bloomberg: Overview

How to Access

Available on designated computers in the Makena Capital Trader's Pit of the GSB Library.

Use SUNet ID/password to log into a Bloomberg workstation, then use the account/password posted on the monitor to log into Bloomberg database.

Content Description

Bloomberg provides both historical and real-time financial market and economic data, covering all sectors worldwide. It also features analytics, company financials, news, and customizable charting.

This guide provides a quick introduction to the Bloomberg system. For further assistance, contact the GSB Library or check under Support Resources (right).

Typical Topics

How to find detailed company information

How to find corporate actions

How to find earnings estimates

How to find institutional, insider holdings

How to find dividend/split history

How to find current betas for companies or industries

How to find historical bond yields

How to find credit default swaps

Bloomberg Keyboard: Color Coded Keys

Bloomberg Keys

Red keys are STOP keys
Green keys are ACTION keys
Yellow keys are MARKET SECTOR keys. Press any of the yellow keys for a main menu for a specific sector, e.g Equity

For example:

enter go
See a complete menu of equity-related news, data and analytics.


Mnemonics are shortcuts to functions and they are displayed in capital letters next to the numbers on a menu, e.g. HP for Historical Price, WEI for World Equity Indices, MA for Mergers and Acquisitions, etc. See more examples

enter go
Search for a company
enter go
Find historical stock prices
enter go
Find detailed company information
enter go
Screen equities.
enter go
Find league tables for equity or bond deals

Using Bloomberg Keyboard: How to Navigate

Enter any word/phrase and press to search the entire database. Online help via chat service (with 24 hour turnaround) is available.
To return to previous screen (equivalent to a BACK key). Press the menu key twice and you will go back to the main menu screen.
pg up
To scroll backward in multiple-page screen.
pg dn
To scroll forward in multiple-page screen.
To advance through the Bloomberg windows.
To view print options.

Support Resources


  • Under <HELP> menu hit 1 to contact Help Desk and submit an email request. Provide your Stanford email to receive a response within 1 business day.
  • Selected cheat sheets. More available in Bloomberg: type BU and press <GO>.
  • The GSB Library offers Bloomberg instruction. In Fall and Spring Quarters, an official Bloomberg representative comes to Stanford to present a class. Otherwise, during the year the Library offers brief 30 minute sessions called "Bloomberg Bullseyes." Watch for announcements on the Library home page.


  • Bloomberg Essentials On-line Training Program (BESS) is designed to introduce Bloomberg's basic functionality and market fundamentals. Type BESS and press <GO>.
  • Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is an interactive e-learning tool that complements BESS. It provides deeper learning on the cross asset nature of the financial markets. Students receive a certificate after completing the Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities modules. Type BMC and press <GO>.
  • For information about Bloomberg online classes, type BU and press <GO>, or click the BU icon on top of the scroll bar.