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Our top recommendations for finding information about companies, including financials, fundamentals, executives, analyst reports, SEC filings, and more.

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Company Information

There are many ways to find company information, depending on how much information you need (a few companies or thousands), what type of information you need (executive data, financials, etc.), and what types of companies you need the information for (US public companies, Chinese startups, etc.). You can always Ask Us for specific recommendations.

Company Lists

To get information on a lot of companies, you likely need to make a company list. You can make lists of the top players in an industry, to get diversity data for S&P 500 executives, or to get a target list for your job search.

Company Information Databases

Top resources for getting information on North American public companies are:

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Top databases for getting information about startups are:

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While many databases include information on non-US companies, these tend to have more information.

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It is harder to get information about private companies. These databases do a better job of capturing private company information than most.

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These resources have establishment-level data, providing information about each McDonalds location rather than the entire company.

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You can get information on subsidiaries in many sources, but the following has particularly good linkages between the subsidiaries and the parent organizations, and contains both current and historical data.

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External Analysis

Analyst Reports / Equity Research

Use these reports for expert insight into public companies. If you need bulk access to analyst reports for a large academic project, please contact us.

Estimates, Guidance, and Ratings

Learn where you can find buy/hold/sell recommendations, analyst estimates, consensus estimates, company guidance, and corporate credit ratings.

Corporate Documents

Search Across Corporate Documents

If you want to know what companies are saying about themselves and their industry, turn to their annual reports, SEC filings, press releases, earnings call transcripts, etc.

SEC Filings

Earnings & Conference Calls

Press Releases

Executives & Boards of Directors

This collection of resources will help you identify sources to find information about a company's executives and Board of Directors. If you are looking for specific positions or variables, let us know and we can help identify the best options.

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