Company Information

Our top recommendations for finding information about companies, including financials, fundamentals, executives, analyst reports, SEC filings, and more.


The following resources can be used to research information about companies.

While these resources are generally the most relevant, there may be other resources available. If you are looking for something in particular or cannot find a lot of information about a niche segment, please Ask Us.

Profiles & Financials

Top Recommendations

Our top recommendations for getting information about companies are listed based on what type of companies you need. You can always Ask Us for specific recommendations.

Large Amounts of Data

Many databases limit how much content you can download and prohibit scraping. If you're working on a large research project (e.g. as a PhD student, research assistant, or for a thesis) you may need to use other sources.

Analyst Reports

Use these reports for expert insight into public companies. If you need bulk access to analyst reports for a large academic project, please contact us.

Estimates, Guidance, Ratings

These Knowledge Base articles will tell where you can find buy/hold/sell recommendations, analyst estimates, consensus estimates, company guidance, and corporate credit ratings. These are helpful when you want to see what financial experts think about the health and future trajectory of a firm.

SEC Filings & Call Transcripts

Search Across Company Documents

If you want to know what companies are saying about themselves and their industry, turn to their annual reports, SEC filings, press releases, earnings call transcripts, etc.

SEC Filings

SEC filings are key reports U.S. public companies are required to file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. These filings include company's financial statements, proxy statements, and other announcements of material events or changes to the company.

Conference & Earnings Calls

Learn where to find information about earnings and conference calls, which you can use to see how companies are responding to current events and thinking about the future.

Press Releases

Learn where to find press releases issued by companies. They can be useful to see what big projects or events are of interest to the company and the messaging or positioning behind them. 

Executives & Boards of Directors

These resources will help you identify sources to find information about a company's executives and Board of Directors. If you are looking for specific positions or variables, let us know and we can help identify the best options.

Additional Resources

Securities (Stocks)

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