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Diversity in the Workplace

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Data Sources to Study Diversity in the Workplace

The following datasets include variables that could be used to study diversity in organizations and the workplace. 

These datasets are broad and tend to cover most large public companies in the US. However, you can find many more niche datasets, such as this survey that focuses on diversity within the field of scholarly publishing, or the replication data for a study looking at the percentage of women on boards in Finance and STEM industries around the world. Feel free to Ask Us is you're looking for something in particular.


Execucomp (in WRDS) has a flag for individual executive's gender and covers S&P 1500 companies (and some others). Execucomp can be linked with stock price and company financial data - contact us for more information.

Board of Directors

ISS (in WRDS) has both a gender and ethnicity variable for individual board of director's and covers S&P 1500 companies. ISS can be linked with stock price and company financial data - contact us for more information.

Workforce Diversity


The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission collects data in the Employer Information Report EEO-1 on gender and racial diversity in the workplace. See FAQs about the survey. Due to the time it takes the EEOC to process the data, there is a lag between when it is collected and then reported.


While many tech companies release diversity reports, we're not yet aware of a dataset that has aggregated them into a usable dataset. The following are some other options:

Investors, Founders, & Startup Diversity

It is not easy to get an existing diversity data for startups and founders, but here are some options.

Small Businesses

Fund Managers

There is not yet a wealth of information about the diversity of fund managers or investors.


We're not yet aware of a dataset or database that tracks the diversity of nonprofit executives or boards. The following reports have collected some data, primarily through surveys.

Additional Resources

Generate a List of Companies Led or Owned by Women or Minorities

You can build basic lists of companies that are women or minority owned or employ women or minorities in executive positions in the following databases. These databases cover public and private businesses at the establishment level.

Note, these databases are meant for looking up companies one-at-a time and/or creating and exporting simple lists. If you need access to the underlying data for a research project, Ask Us as not all of the underlying data sources include the gender and ethnicity variables available in the online interfaces.

Groups & Organizations Focused on Diversity in the Workplace

The following are just some of the organizations devoted to studying or addressing diversity (or the lacktherof) in the workplace.

Other Relevant Reports

Public Opinion Polls

Books on Diversity in the Workplace

Below are a selection of books available through Stanford Libraries on the topic of race and diversity in the workplace and in management.

These links will take you to the SearchWorks page. See the left hand column for access information; eBooks will have a link to access online, print books will list the book's home library.

Academic Studies

As with any topic, there are thousands of articles written about diversity in organizations and business from a variety of disciplines. Below are just a handful of recent reviews (literature reviews, meta-analysis) on this topic.

Additional Resources