Researching Diversity in the Workplace

Selected resources to use when researching diversity in the workplace.

Data Sources to Study Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the WorkplaceThe following datasets include variables that could be used to study diversity in organizations and the workplace. 

These datasets are broad and tend to cover most large public companies in the US. More niche datasets do exist, so feel free to Ask Us is you're looking for something in particular.


Execucomp (in WRDS) has a flag for individual executive's gender and covers S&P 1500 companies (and some others). Execucomp can be linked with stock price and company financial data - contact us for more information.

Board of Directors

ISS (in WRDS) has both a gender and ethnicity variable for individual board of director's and covers S&P 1500 companies. ISS can be linked with stock price and company financial data - contact us for more information.

Workforce Diversity


The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission collects data in the Employer Information Report EEO-1 on gender and racial diversity in the workplace in private industry. See FAQs about the survey. Due to the time it takes the EEOC to process the data, there is a lag between when it is collected and then reported. Additional diversity employment data is available for other sectors like public schools and the government.


While many tech companies release diversity reports, we're not yet aware of a dataset that has aggregated them into a usable dataset. The following are some other options:

Investors, Founders, & Startups

It is not easy to get an existing diversity data for startups and founders, but here are some options.

Small Businesses

Funds & Investors

There is not yet a wealth of information about the diversity of fund managers or investors.


The following reports have collected some data, primarily through surveys.