Database Guide: D&B Hoovers: Overview

How to Access

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Content Coverage & Description

D&B Hoovers offers detailed corporate and financial information on public and private companies, industry markets research, and analysts reports.

Creating Custom Company Report

  1. Click the company name.
  2. Click OneStop Report icon. In new window, select data fields to include in resulting report. Browse by individual category in left box and/or use the search box at top.
  3. Click Done to generate a custom company report in PDF format.

Research Industries Search

On Research Industries page:

  1. Select Industry. Enter keyword in search box or click select industry from D&B Hoovers Industries tree. To change industry classification, click the (change) and select type of identifiers from the drop-down list. Select multiple industries if needed.
  2. Click View Results.
  3. On results list, click title to open the industry page.

How to Search

Quick Search: Enter keyword(s) in Text box at top to search for companies, contacts, reports, etc. Click blue icon to choose a category, e.g. Industries, Research & Reports etc. from the drop-down list. Click the search (magnifying glass).

Browse Search: On Desktop, click the category title or click Search & Build a List on top bar to select a category from the drop down list.

Browse News, Explore Triggers

Click the corresponding box on Home page and customize your search by adding filters.

Only viewing options are available fo News and Triggers results.

Build a Company List, Find Contacts

To create a list of companies or contacts:

  1. In chosen category, select your criteria using filters in left panel.
  2. Click View Results when done.
  3. With results displayed, either click the individual entries or click Select at left above results to choose All results or All on this Page results.


With search results displayed, from the top right corner:

  1. Click Dislay as List icon and then select Table option.
  2. Click D&B CoAdd a Grid View. In new window select data fields to add to resulting list. To select data fields, browse by individual category in left box and/or use the search box at top.
  3. Click Done when finished.


Click Download to upload results into Excel spreadsheet.

Research Industries, Analyze Markets

Compare the coverage in both categories:

Analyze Markets includes:

  • Market Research Reports
  • Analysts’ Reports.

Research Industries includes:

  • Industry summary
  • News items
  • Peer Analysis – customizable list of companies within industry sector
  • Industry activities
  • Analysts Reports
  • Market Research Reports
  • RMA Industry Norms

Coverage varies by industry selection.

Search Tips

  • To return to Home page, click Desktop on top bar on left
  • Click a Pin icon on results list to add selected companies or news items to My Pins for later review
  • In Explore Triggers category, the drop-down list in Trigger Type filter includes a broad selection of corporate events such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Executive Changes, etc.
  • Major providers of market research reports include: Freedonia Focus ♦ MarketLine Industry Profiles ♦ Euromonitor Industry Reports ♦ EMD Industry Reports
  • To see a list of contributors, click Information Partners link at the bottom of every page