Database Guide: FitchConnect: Overview and Country Industry Reports

How to Access

Content Coverage & Description

FitchConnect offers in-depth research on over 200 global markets and major industry sectors with the emphasis on economic and political risk analysis and forecasts, as well as historical macroeconomic and industry data, daily analysts’ views on business and political developments across global economies.

How to Find Country Industry Reports

Find in-depth quarterly industry reports for a country or a region by either method.

Keyword search:

  1. From the top menu select Sectors to view the covered industries.
  2. In the upper right Global Search box enter an industry and country or region.
  3. Select the relevant result under the Research heading and choose the Industry Forecast Reports type of report.

Navigated menu search using Research:

  1. From the top menu select Research and make selections in Select Data Items section.
  • Under Sector & Industry tab, expand Fitch Solutions Industry category and select an industry or industries
  • Under Geography tab select geography or geographies
  • Under Research Type tab, select Fitch Solutions Research > Fitch Solutions Reports > Industry Forecasts Reports

On the results list below, add additional filters as needed, e.g. Language, Dates, Sorting order.

  1. Make selection from the Search Results list on left and view/download reports in the display window on right.
    Use the icons next to the report title in left panel to save or print report.

Navigating Your Position on the Website

At any point you can see your position on the website by looking at the name of the page at top left as shown in the below example.

How to Use

Keyword Search

Enter search terms in Global Search box at top right and select relevant entry from the displayed results in different categories.

Guided Menu Search

Some uniform guidelines apply to each type of the menu search, such as:

  • Selecting an individual category or item, for example an industry sector or a company, opens the Home page pertaining to this specific selection
  • On each individual home page you can find all available relevant data through the options at the top tab bar

To perform a guided search start by selecting categories from the top menu bar

Sectors – includes industry sectors, risk reports (Country Risk, Operational Risk, and Political Risk), and Commodity Prices section (analysts’ views on commodities markets).
Choosing any individual sector opens the landing page for the selected industry or risk analysis where you can browse the content by selecting the tabs at top and narrow the coverage to a specific world region. To view information for a specific region, make a selection from the Global) dropdown box beneath the tabs.

To view sector content for a specific country, scroll to <industry name> Country Dashboard box closer to the bottom on right and choose the country from the dropdown list.

See also FitchConnect Finding Country Industry Reports video tutorial on Video Tutorials page of this guide.

Search - each category offers an option to create and save a custom list of respective type of data.

Entities – an entity is an individual bank, insurance company, corporation, or sovereign. On the Entities page create a list of entities based by choosing from the available options in the Select Data Items section as shown in the figure below.

Issues – debt issuance by different entities. Create a list of issues by selecting filters from the Select Data Items section.

Exporting results to Excel

With the list of entities or issues open, select items you want to export and then click the icon.

Uploading custom lists of Entities or Issues identifiers

  1. On Entities or Issues page, click button.
  2. Enter up to 500 comma, line, space, or tab separated Fitch IDs, CUSIPs, or ISINs.
  3. Press button.
  4. View/Export results.

Detailed view of entities or issues

  • On the results Entities list, click the name of the entity. That will open a Home page for the selected entity. Use the tabs at top to browse the content
  • On the results Issues list, click the name of the issue. That will open a Home page of the issuing entity

Research – access research content and further refine your search by applying filters from Select Data Items categories.
See also How to Find Country Industry Reports section on this page.

Construction Projects - create custom lists of world-wide construction projects in the following categories: Infrastructure Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)Global Mines. Use filters in Select Data Items categories to customize your list.

With the results displayed, select entries on your list and click icon todownload results to Excel.