Database Guide: Mintel: Overview

How to Access

When to Use

  • To find comprehensive market reports on consumer-related industries in US
  • To find research and statistics on demographics and lifestyles of specific groups of consumers
  • To keep abreast of leading trends in global consumer markets
  • To find infographics to download into reports or presentations


  • To return to Homepage, click Mintel logo at top
  • In Trends, each trend is rated by analyst with Buzz and Lifecycle criteria. Click Buss or Lifecycle for definition.

Interactive Databook

Mintel reports include an Interactive Databook that provides consumer survey data.


For example, in a report on baby durables, the databook includes questions asked to consumers about where they purchased baby durables and what brand perceptions consumers had about top brands.

The databook allows you to see the responses to the questions broken out by various demographics, such as age, location, gender, etc.

Watch a video on how to locate the databook and how to use it.

Content Coverage & Description

Mintel Academic offers comprehensive research reports on consumer markets and products in U.S., related demographic data and analysis, and articles on trends in global consumer markets.

How to Search

  • Keyword search: Enter keyword(s) in search box at top of any page and search across the entire database for relevant reports and articles. Refine results by selecting filters in left panel.

  • Browse reports: In My Reports box in the center of Homepage, click Read Latest Reports

Use the following options to select reports:

  • To view the most recent reports, click All Subscriptions in right center. Select subject sector, then click the report title
  • To view all US reports published since 2010, click All My Reports link on right. Browse by subject sectors on left.
  • To view international reports from 2010 to 2014, scroll down, if needed, to International Reports section. Click All International Reports (Academic USA) on right. Click the report title.
  • Browse Overview: Click Category Overview on top bar. Make a selection from any category. On the resulting page find links to all pertinent materials, e.g. reports, articles, trends, analysts insights, infographics. Contents vary by selection.

  • Analyst Insights articles: Click Analyst Insight link at the bottom. Refine results by industry sector from pull-down list at top.

Viewing individual Reports

Click the title to open report’s homepage.

  • Click Report Content to browse report’s sections, or
  • Select individual sections from the Table of Contents, or
  • Search the entire contents for specific keywords via Search this report button

Saving and Downloading

NOTE: You must be logged into your account to download content. You cannot download an entire report, only portions of it.

On a report page, use the options on the right side-bar to select and download content.

Retrieving saved contents:

  1. Click Export Basket in top right corner.
  2. Choose your download selections.
  3. Select .rtf or .zip download file format at top right.

Mintel Trends

Trends section of Mintel database offers analyst's insights on current trends and consumer attitudes in global consumer markets .

Click Trends on top bar to open Trends Homepage. Select either of three Trends views:

  • Trends
  • Observations
  • Explore

Trends page updated weekly with the latest stories on global consumer markets. Use filters on top horizontal bar to customize display.

Observations page updated daily with 20 new stories.

Explore page combines in one place all types of pertinent research on a single topic.

To open a topic page, from the horizontal bar choose a category, e.g. Sector, Demographic, Theme, or Region. Then select a topic.

Each topic page is divided into four sections: Observations, Top Trends, Heatmap, and Trendscape.

  • In Observations and Top Trends sections use filters to customize results.
  • Heatmap and Trendscape are visual interactive tools.
    • Heatmap shows trends activity by country.
    • Trendscape demonstrates relations between different components of trends analysis, e.g. observations, demographics etc.