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New Resource: Revelio Labs Workforce Dynamics Data

by Alice Kalinowski on 2024-01-22T09:31:09-08:00 | 0 Comments

Stanford researchers now have access to Revelio Labs Workforce Dynamics data. These data come from prominent online platforms, allowing Stanford researchers to study global workplace patterns. Much of the data runs from 2008 to 2023.

Revelio collects, cleans, and aggregates publicly available data into five categories:

  • Individual Professional Profiles: This dataset includes four files: the individual user data, the position data (work history of every user), the education file (education history of every user), and the skills file (skills of every user). Revelio compiled the raw data and has added additional modeling and categorization (e.g., company mapping, role and skill taxonomy classifications, seniority, salary, gender, and ethnicity).
  • Job Postings Data: Individual job postings.
  • Employee Sentiment Data: Individual employee reviews of companies, along with calculated sentiment scores.
  • Layoff Notice Data: Individual layoff notices from the WARN Act.
  • Workforce Dynamics: A monthly time series of 10,000 public companies' aggregated headcounts, inflows, outflows, salaries, etc. The data tracks talent at a company and can come at various levels of aggregation or granularity, such as roles, locations, or seniority.

This data is available in Redivis for current Stanford faculty, staff, and students for Stanford-related academic research purposes. Learn more about accessing GSB Library data in Redivis. If you have any questions, Ask Us.

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