How to Search

From Home page:

Passport Homepage is a gateway to all types of searches that ultimately bring you the information you are looking for.

  • Keyword search – use the Search box at the top to search for the topic of interest across the entire database. Optionally filter results by Analysis (Reports) or Statistics in the All box in front of the the Search box.
  • Categories search – select a category from the top menu choosing from: Industries Consumers Channels and then drilling down to the content of interest.
  • Browse search – open the search tree within the following categories displayed in the blue boxes on Homepage: Search All Categories Dashboards Companies Product Claims and Positioning to browse through the all subscribed content within each group.

NOTE: The content or the search option not included in the subscription will be greyed out when clicked on. For example, our current subscription doesn’t include Economies category.


In order to download data and articles, register and sign into your account in the upper right.

Categories Search

Search the following categories by selecting them from the top bar.

  • Industries – research and statistics on nine consumer focused industry sectors and their respective sub-industries specific to selected geography
  • Consumers – research reports, analysts’ articles, and media materials on consumer Income and Expenditure specific to selected geography, and historical statistics on consumer expenditure on various products and services
  • Channels – research and statistics specific to selected geography on two categories: Digital Consumer and Retailing

Each category Home page is uniformly organized in the following way:

  • Two boxes on the right, Explore Analysis and Explore Statistics, with additional filters that let you to drill down to a specific topic or data
    • In Analysis section, for the most comprehensive research select Country Report when available.
    • Statistics search results open in a table with customizable display options at the top bar above the results. All display options vary by selected category. Note a link to Research Sources which is usually a relevant comprehensive country industry report.
  • Related contents: Strategic Insights, Dashboards, Webinars etc.
  • The FAQ section at the bottom of the page with some additional helpful information.

Browse Search

Browse across all database content by selecting a topic from either of the category blue boxes on the right of the Home page:


  • Search All Categories – from the drop-down list select a category. Once selected, the category tree opens and you can choose multiple categories, e.g. multiple industries, and multiple geographies.
    You can select additional search criteria for browsing market statistics: Companies, Brands, Packaging, Closures (all types of bottle closures, corks, peel-off foil, etc.), Nutrition (selected nutrients, e.g. protein, sugar, fat, etc.)
  • Dashboards – visual presentation of data in different categories through interactive maps or charts. Dashboards include also forecasting models. Selected features for dashboards:
    • Each dashboard offers flexibility in changing display format (map or graph), geography, topic and other parameters.
    • When hovering over a map or a graph, quick country statistics shows in a pop-up window.
    • Clicking a country on a map or a graph displays Quick Stats data pertaining to a selected country at the bottom.
  • Companies – selected companies’ profiles and dashboards searchable by a company name.

  • Product Claims and Positioning – statistics across all geographies, products, and brands on label claims, e.g. gluten free, digestive health, natural etc.

Support Resources

For additional help resources click Help Guide and Videos link permanently displayed at top right.