How to Access

When to Use

  • To find comprehensive market reports on consumer-related industries.
  • To retrieve current and historical macroeconomic or socioeconomic indicators across countries.
  • To find comprehensive country reports that include an overview and data on political, economic, and socioeconomic structure.
  • To find and compare demographic data across countries including lifestyle characteristics and socioeconomic profiles.
  • To find relevant industry and economies' datagraphics and other visuals.

Support Resources

Click Help on top navigation and select topic.

Content Coverage & Description

Euromonitor's Passport is a comprehensive market research database incorporating detailed statistics and research analysis of global markets and consumers. Its emphasis is on consumer-related industries across more than 200 countries and regions.

Coverage includes:

  • Detailed research on 27 consumer industries
  • Comprehensive statistics with historical coverage for some series dating back to mid-90s
  • Research, analysis, statistics, and forecast on consumer trends for 200+ product categories

Quick Access to Industry/Market Research Reports

From Home page:

  1. In Search Analysis box on right hand side, click Industries and make the following selections:
  • From Choose industry drop-down list, select an industry
  • From Choose geographies drop-down list, select a country
  1. Click Go.
  2. On the results page, in the panel on left apply filter: By Analysis > Country Reports. That will open a number of industry reports related to your selected topic.
  3. Choose a report from the list or apply other filters in left panel as needed.
  4. With the report opened, view the whole report, or use the tabs at top to explore the report's sections.
  5. To download full report as a PDF file click the Download tab. You will need to enter your name and Stanford email.