Database Guide: Sports Market Analytics: Overview

How to Access

Content Coverage & Description

Sports Market Analytics is a comprehensive market research database for sports business in USA, which offers extensive statistics on over 90 individual sports, major leagues, college sports, and recreational activities. Data includes participation statistics, fan markets, expenditure on sporting goods and equipment, consumer demographics and media usage profiles, brand shares, sponsorship for all major sports as well as full-text articles on relevant topics, venue reports, and more.

Data coverage varies by selected category and by dates, ranging from 5 to 18 years.

Exporting Statistical Tables

Statistical data tables can be copied into Excel.

Brand Share Interactive

Brand Share Interactive is a tool that lets users create custom statistical tables by cross-referencing sponsors’ brands with user-picked analytics, such as individual or multiples sports, teams, and demographic characteristics. To create a custom Brand Share Index follow these steps:

  1. From the top menu, select Brand Share Index > Brand Share Interactive.
  2. Make selections in available fields.
  3. Click Search Brand Info when done.
  4. View results as graph and data.
  5. From mouse right-click menu, select export format: Excel, CSV, or XML. Only data results go to Excel.

For additional information, such as pre-built NBA Brand Share Indexes for 2015-present, list of included brands and market segments, from the top menu bar select Brand Share Index > Detailed Analytics.

Additional Information

Articles – search for sports-related articles from specialized publications by keyword(s). Note, that some pages, such as single sport pages, contain links to pertinent articles.
To perform search, from the top menu bar select Article Search.

Directories – search for associations and governing bodies. Filter search by individual sport.
To perform search, from the links displayed in top right corner on Home page, click directories.

How to Search

Search sports analytics by any of the following methods:

  • Single Sports Analytics
  • Subject Analytics
  • Sports Summaries
  • Sports Venues information

Single Sport Search

Single sport analytics covers over 90 individual sports and sports groups, such as exercise/fitness, water sports, etc.

Select individual sport from the list in the All Data for a Sport box on Home page. That will take you to the page which contains all information related to the selected sport and generally includes the following statistical categories:

  • Consumer Expenditure - expenditure on sport's equipment, apparel, and footwear and also broken down by brands, preferred sources of acquisition, and cross-referenced with consumers' demographic characteristics, such as age; etc.
  • Participation - total number of participants in a single sport and also broken down by demographic characteristics: age, gender, income, location etc.
  • Sporting Goods Imports - total and itemized market of imported equipment for a single sport
  • Fan Market - single sport fans market size and also broken down by multiple socio-demographic characteristics, e.g. age, income, attendance, viewing profiles, usage of social media, etc.

Subject Search

Subject analytics search is intended for users who are interested in particular aspects of sports market, such as attendance, viewership etc. searchable by a single sport. All subjects are grouped on Home page in left panel under Quick Links and divided into three sections: Fan Markets • Sporting Goods • Market Segments.

Fan markets – offers demographic profiles, viewing preferences, social media and mobile technology usage of fans for major sports. Notable categories in this section:

  • Sponsorship – contains Sponsorship Influence Index for major single sports, which represents analytics on how strongly fans are influenced to buy sponsors’ products. The fans’ base is also broken down by multiple demographic characteristics, viewing profiles, and use of mobile technology and social media.
  • Brand Share – analytics on how popular the existing sponsors’ brands (automobiles, energy drinks, shoes, cell phones etc.) are among the fans of major sports. See also Brand Share Interactive section of this guide.

Sporting Goods - offers detailed analytics on consumer expenditure on individual products in all three categories, Apparel, Footwear, and Equipment, pertaining to single sports as well as demographic profiles of consumers and their purchasing preferences by type of outlet (specialty stores, sports stores, online etc.)

Market Segments – contains detailed summary analytics on the following business segments:

  • College Sports – data on participation, athletic revenues/expenditures by teams divisions, etc., and fan market analytics
  • Participation – demographic profile, internet usage, and college/high school sports participants in individual sports
  • Women – data on women participation in individual sports and expenditure on sports products
  • Youth Sports – data on participation in individual sports and expenditure on sports products by participants ages 7-17

Statistical Summaries Search

Summary Statistics is convenient format to analyze statistical data on a specific topic across all sports. All topics are grouped on Home page in the right panel under Summary Statistics and divided into four sections: Fan Markets • Participation • Sporting Goods • College Sports.

Subject Search vs Statistical Summaries Search

Subject statistical tables show analytics for a selected topic (attendance, apparel, etc.) for one sport. Statistical Summaries tables present data for one topic across all sports or brands.

Sports Venues Search

Information on over 800 professional and college facilities for the following sports: Baseball (MLB and Minor League), Basketball (NBA), Football (Professional and major college), Ice Hockey (NFL and Minor league), and Soccer (MLS).

Select Venues from the top menu bar, then select category of interest. The section is divided into the following categories:

  • Venue Reports - provide detailed information on facility including capacity, financing, attendance, ticket pricing
  • Ticket pricing – provide tickets’ pricing data for the latest available year.
  • Venue Resources – provide recent historical data on major leagues teams’ valuation, recent teams’ purchased costs, and Naming Rights reports