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Resources to help you research the pharmaceutical industry from a business perspective.

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Pharmaceutical Market Intelligence

Market Reports

These databases contain market & industry reports. They provide overviews of the industry as well as the intended market or end consumer. 

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Consumer Discovery

Learn about your target consumers. How large is your total addressable market? What are their attitudes or behaviors?

Number of Medical Procedures and Disease Prevalence

If you're trying to determine the target market for a particular drug, it can be helpful to know how many people have diseases, conditions, or procedures that could benefit from the drug.

Consumer Attitudes

These resources provide information from consumer surveys and include information about health related topics such as drug usage. 

    Search tip: Go to Reports > Segmentation Reports > Lifestyler > Market Potential > Claritas Profiles > Health > scroll down to find medical services, medications, drug purchase etc. 

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Industry Analysis

Industry Reports

Industry reports provide an overview of an industry, focusing on the companies that create the products or services, their supply chain, and things that could impact the industry (e.g. trade wars, changing consumer habits, etc.).

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Industry Leaders

Research key players or build your own list that includes more than just those with the largest market share.

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Statistics & Data

Industry data can be found in many places, including:

Drug Price Data

These sources provide drug price data for individual drugs. They are not suitable for a large-scale academic research project. 

Associations & Regulators

Industry associations and regulating bodies often have lots of relevant data and reports. Look for sections on their websites titled "Resources", "Publications", "Data". Note that some materials may be restricted to members. Some examples are:

Additional Resources

Investment Climate

Find information on the deals and investors that are active in this industry.

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Clinical Trials

Information on new and ongoing clinical trials worldwide that study the safety of drugs, tests and treatments for diseases.

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News and Trade Articles

Find news, trends and opinions on drugs and the companies who make them.

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Resources to learn more about pharmaceutical patents and how to find patents.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Resources for products and practices that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine. For information on consumer preferences and attitudes towards alternative medicine, use the resources in the Consumer Attitudes section near the top of this page.