MKTG 344 (Sahni) Survey Guide

Instructions for students of Marketing Research MKTG 344 on how to build Qualtrics surveys and prep them for data collection.


This document’s objective is to guide you through your MKT344 survey launch process, if you’re launching it with the help of the GSB Behavioral Lab. It also:

  • Gives a tutorial on the basics of Qualtrics
  • Some detailed functionality is also explained (e.g., creating multiple branches in your survey).
  • If you’re looking to target a particular sub population, this document will show you how you can do it.


It’s very important to follow the steps below in order when creating your survey for this project.

Step 1: Qualtrics Survey Basics

  • build your survey and get feedback

Step 2: Targeting Your Population

  • narrow in on the target population, choose qualifying questions, add them to your survey

Step 3: Advanced Qualtrics Functions

  • add extra functionality to your survey if needed from feedback received

Step 4: Testing Your Survey

  • test your completed survey to be sure the survey works as it should and is ready to go

Step 5: Data Collection

  • share your survey with the Behavioral Lab and stay in communication with them while data is collecting