Biotechnology Industry

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Market & Industry Reports

These databases contain market & industry reports. They provide overviews of the industry as well as the intended market or end consumer.

Additional Resources

Consumer Discovery / Insights

Number of Medical Procedures and Disease Prevalence

If you're trying to determine the target market for a particular drug, device, or treatment, it can be helpful to know how many people have relevant diseases, conditions, or procedures.

Mapping & Tables

These tools include data on how many people have a specific disease or condition.

Search tip: Select a location then go to the Data tab and select Health > Ailments.

Search tip: Choose Health from top level menu > Health Status.


Consumer Behavior & Attitudes

Find out how consumers think about or use healthcare products and services.

Search tip: Reports > Segmentation Reports > Lifestyle Reports > Market Potential.

Additional Resources

More Sources of Industry Info

Industry associations are a great source of information. Look for sections on their website titled "Resources", "Publications", "Data". Note that some materials may be restricted to members. Some examples are:



Regulating bodies (both in governments and independent agencies) often are a great source of data and information about the industries they regulate.

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