Database Guide: Capital IQ: Overview

How to Access

Content Coverage & Description

Profiles for 60,000 public companies, over 685,000 private companies and over 10,000 private equity firms worldwide

Company intelligence includes detailed financials, transactions, competitive landscape, corporate governance, and historical filings

Detailed information on company professionals including relationships among firms and executives 

Use for...

  • Analysis 
    Detailed information on public and private companies, executives, directors, industry sectors and transactions.
  • Screening 
    Create custom sets of companies or professionals based on multiple search criteria, including financial and qualitative items. Or screen for potential investors.
  • Interview Preparation 
    Quickly gain an understanding of any company or investment firm.
    Familiarize yourself with current state of industry of your interest, including M&A activity in selected industry. Get the background and current position of senior management personnel.

How to Search

Top Menu Bar has tabs for My Capital IQ, Companies, Markets, Screening, Charting and Coverage.
Left Menu offers more options for each of the Menu Bar function.
Main Body displays the selected information. Search Bar at the top of the page allows you to search for the name of a company or person.

Top Menu Links:

  • My Capital IQ is unique to your ID and can be personalized to show your favorites.
  • Companies tab to search public and private company profiles, relationship analysis, news, events and filings and key business developments.
  • Markets tab to find market overviews, M&A, industry overviews, interest rate market data and market analysis.
  • Screening tab to find companies, people transactions and key developments that match industry, geography, financial, investment and event-driven outcomes. Each link in the screening menu corresponds to various qualitative & quantitative transactions. Click Quick Screener on left tab then View Criteria for complete list of screening options.
  • Charting tab to create easy and powerful company analysis.

Typical Questions

  • How do I find details about joint ventures?
  • Where can I find specific details of mergers and acquisitions such at spinoff or LBO's?
  • How do I find Stanford Business School Alumni who work in the Investment Banking field?
  • I am preparing for an interview. Where can I find Information about competitors, transaction history affiliations, and key people & their backgrounds?