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Resources to help you research the education industry.

Education Industry & Market Reports

These databases contain market & industry reports. They provide overviews of the industry as well as the intended market or end consumer. 

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Consumer Discovery

The suggested resources will help you determine population’s demographic, behavioral, social, and economic characteristics in relation to education.

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More Industry Sources

In addition to industry and market reports, there are many other ways to analyze an industry, gain insights, and find relevant statistics and data.

Statistics Databases

These databases contain industry statistical data in tables or charts. They're a good place to start as they collect information from many sources.

Associations & Regulators

Industry associations and regulators (both in governments and independent agencies) often have great information. Look for sections on their websites like "Resources", "Publications", or "Data," but note some resources may be restricted to members.

Examples of education industry associations and regulators are below.

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Common Topics

The listed resources contain research reports and industry articles on the application of hardware and software tools in education on all levels. For search, use keywords such as "edtech”, “educational technology”, or the specific terms such as “electronic whiteboard”, “videoconferencing”, etc. See also relevant Education Industry News & Publications.

The listed resources contain research reports and industry articles. Use keywords such as "corporate training," "corporate leaning," or if using IBISWorld use "business coaching." See also relevant Education Industry News & Publications.

The listed resources contain research and data on online or hybrid learning. See also relevant Education Industry News & Publications.

Key Companies

Research key players or build your own list that includes more than just those with the largest market share.

Investment Climate

Investment Climate

Find information on the deals and investors that are active in this industry.

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Industry Publications & Books

Industry News & Publications

Articles and books are great resources of analysis, insight, and sometimes statistics.

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