Country Information

These listed resources provide country reports, statistics, industry information, and market reports for specific countries and regions.

Country Reports & Business Environment

These databases contain reports on countries' business, economic, and political environments.

Search Tip: Go to Sectors > Country Risk.

Search Tip: Click on the Countries tab and enter Find Country Reports

Search tip: From the top bar select Economies > Business Dynamics, then scroll to Country Reports section. Select category Business Dynamics, select geography. Click GO.

Additional Resources

Country Industry Analysis

Most of the market reports we have access to are either focused globally or on the U.S. or North America.

The best places to get market and industry reports on specific countries or regions outside of the U.S. are below. Note, many other resources have global reports that have subsections or tables on specific geographies, so be sure to check those as well. 

Search Tip: Enter keywords in the search box near the middle of the page. Under 'Reports', select 'Country/Regional Market Research' or 'Global Market Research'.

Additional Resources

Country Statistics & Data

Global Sources

These databases include demographic, macroeconomic, and financial data for countries worldwide.

Regional Focused Sources

These databases include demographic, macroeconomic, and financial data for specific regions.

Related Resources


For global companies or information about companies operating in specific locations, see the following resources. 

News & Articles

The following resources may also be helpful for finding additional country information.

Markets & Consumers

Find information about global or non-US markets and consumers.