Medical Device Industry

This guide is designed to give you an overview of resources for to research the medical device market and industry.

Medical Device Industry & Market Reports

These databases contain market & industry reports. They provide overviews of the industry as well as the intended market or end consumer.

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Consumer Discovery / Insights

Number of Medical Procedures and Disease Prevalence

If you're trying to determine the target market for a particular drug, device, or treatment, it can be helpful to know how many people have relevant diseases, conditions, or procedures.

Mapping & Tables

These tools include data on how many people have a specific disease or condition.

Search tip: Select a location then go to the Data tab and select Health > Ailments.

Search tip: Choose Health from top level menu > Health Status.


Consumer Behavior & Attitudes

Find out how consumers think about or use healthcare products and services.

Search tip: Reports > Segmentation Reports > Lifestyle Reports > Market Potential.

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Key Companies in the Medical Device Industry

Research key players or build your own list that includes more than just those with the largest market share.

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Where to Look for Industry Information

You can find industry statistics and data in many locations. In addition to industry and market reports, there are many other ways to analyze an industry, gain insights, and find relevant statistics and data. Here are some suggested strategies and resources. Not sure where to start? Try Statista.

Industry Associations

Industry associations are a great source of information. Look for sections on their website titled "Resources", "Publications", "Data". Note that some materials may be restricted to members. Some examples are:

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Regulating bodies (both in governments and independent agencies) often are a great source of data and information about the industries they regulate.

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Related Resources

The following resources may also be helpful for researching the medical device industry.

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