OB330/OB331 Leadership Fellows: Communication

Professor: Brian Lowery, Ricki Frankel and Hugh Keelan


Campbell Quick, James and Marilyn Macik-Frey. 2004. Behind the Mask Coaching Through Deep Interpersonal Communication.
Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 56(2):67-74

Executive coaching can focus on personal behavior change, enhancing leadership effectiveness, fostering stronger relationships, personal development, and/or work-family integration or specific performance issues on the job. K. M. Wasylyshyn (2003a) and H. Levinson (personal communication, 2003) suggested that executive coaching reaches for a deeper level of clinical and therapeutic intervention. The authors propose a health-enhancing, developmental model of coaching anchored in a process of deep interpersonal communication. This approach is neither a surface approach nor a therapeutic approach. It is an interpersonal approach focused on safe, secure communication in which difficult, complicated issues are addressed and where crucial conversations occur. In this process, the executive is approached as a person, one who stands behind the executive mask or facade.

Chan, Janis Fisher. 2009. Listening: The Foundation. Communication Skills for Managers, 5th edition, 11-26

Chapter 2 of the book "Communication Skills for Managers," Fifth Edition, is presented. It explains why listening skills are the foundation of clear communication. According to the author, real listening takes effort and attention. Obstacles to good listening are identified, which include noise, impatience and distrust, to name some. Steps to become a better listener are offered including participating in the process and monitoring one's listening behavior. Some exercises are presented to help managers apply the course concepts and develop new skills.

Karathanos, Patricia and Brenda Hills. 2002. Help Them Roar. Industrial Management, 44(2):22

Examines the use of supportive communication in employee empowerment. Defining defensive versus supportive communication; How to communicate supportively; Improving listening skills.