Register for an ORCID iD, an alphanumeric code that links you to your professional activities and distinguishes you from other researchers.

ORCID Support

Stanford GSB affiliates can Ask Us for more support. We can't populate your ORCID profile for you, but we'd be happy to help you get set up.

Other Stanford affiliates should contact their primary library for additional support.

What is an ORCID iD?

An ORCID iD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is an alphanumeric code, kind of like a social security number, that links you to your professional activities and distinguishes you from other researchers.

Register for an ORCID iD

  1. Register for an ORCID iD
    • We recommend setting the visibility to "Everyone" so ORCID can help you connect to other profile systems and tools.
  2. Connect your ORCID iD to Stanford
    • This allows Stanford to reduce administrative burden for all researchers across a growing number of systems.
    • Check the box to allow Stanford to add the publications on your Stanford Profile automatically to your ORCID record.
  3. Set up your ORCID Record
    • You (or someone you choose) can set up your record to auto-update with new publications.

Why You Should Get an ORCID iD

All the cool kids are doing it :) And, registering for an ORCID iD will:

  • Ensure you stay connected to your work, no matter how your name appears in publications or if you change institutions.
  • Distinguish you from other researchers with similar names.
  • Help you fulfill requirements from funders like NSF and publishers.
  • Make your work more discoverable by others.
  • Help you create biosketches and other research profiles more efficiently.
  • Give you a single login you can use with many research-related tools.

Watch a 3 minute video about ORCID iDs.

Set up Your ORCID Record

Add Your Work

Start by adding biographical information about yourself, such as your education and employment.

Then add your publications and other professional works. To import your existing works, you can:

  1. Use Search & Link to import publications and other works from Scopus, a database that covers a lot of journals in the social sciences.
  2. You can also add works using identifiers like DOIs or manually.

Enable Auto-Updates

To enable auto-updates to your ORCID record, you need to authorize trusted organizations add/update your list of publications and other works for you. You may also be prompted to do this next time you publish, so keep an eye out for the green iD icon .

Popular organizes that provide auto-updates include CrossRef, Scopus, and Publons (Web of Science).

  • To see what organizations you have already authorized to update your record, go to Account Settings > Trust Organizations.
  • To easily authorize Scopus, CrossRef, and Publons, on your record in the Publications section, use the Search & Link option. If you haven't already authorized the linkage for that organization, you'll be prompted to.
  • To use the Publons auto-updates, you will need to have a Publons account populated with your works in Web of Science.

Authorize someone to update your ORCID record

If you have a faculty assistant or other trusted partner who you trust to edit and update your ORCID record, you can add them as a trusted individual. The person you designate must already have an ORCID account.

  1. Sign in to your ORCID account and go to Account settings > Trusted individuals.
  2. In the search box, enter the person's email or name and Search.
  3. Select and confirm the user you want to add as a trusted individual by clicking Add.
  4. The person you designated now needs to log into their own ORCID account. On their record page they can click on the Switch Account button beneath their ORCID iD on the left.

Additional Resources from ORCID