Database Guide: Tracxn: Overview & Companies Search

How to Access

Content Coverage & Description

Tracxn is a market intelligence platform which offers detailed coverage on 350K+ private companies worldwide, VC/PE analytics, and investment perspective analysis on 250+ industry sectors. Company profiles include detailed competitive landscape, funding information, and Tracxn analysts’ ratings.

Excellent resource for job search in private sector.


Excel download option is not included in subscription.

Keyword Search

Use Search box at top to search by keyword/s. As you type, the menu bar, shown below, opens. With multiple results, select a category on the menu bar to which the term belongs.Tip: Best to use for individual company search.

Companies Screening

Create lists of companies based on custom criteria.

  1. Select Company Search in left navigation panel.
  2. Click Filter at top right. That will open the drop-down list with multiple screening options. Some notable options specific to Traxcn database include:
  • Sector filter: screening by Tracxn proprietary industry/business model classification

  • Analyst Rating filter: screening companies by performance/funding/valuation ratings by Tracxn analysts. See also: Screening Companies by Industries & Ratings page of this guide.

  • Metrics filter: screening companies by social indicators (Facebook and Tweeter followers) and mobile technology usage and ratings

Select criteria. Click Apply after each selection. Once you start applying filters, the number of matching results shows at top left.

Additionally, you can change results display and sorting order. Use both options together or individually:

  • To change results display, select options from the menu bar above results.
    In Compact View, companies are displayed as a table.
  • To change the sort order, click the Sort icon at top right, and select sorting criterion from the drop-down list


  • Click Change View link at top left and select sort/display criterion from available options

Individual Company Information

Click the name of a company to open the company's profile page.

Some notable features in a company's profile:

  • Detailed sector/industry/business model breadcrumbs path. Each entry in sequence is a hyper-link. Click any entry to open a list of companies that follow the similar business model or that belong to the same industry sector
  • Overview section includes detailed business description, funding history, etc.
  • Competitors section includes detailed comparison with direct national and global competition including such criteria as mobile usage and social followers in Metric Benchmarking category.
  • Explore section offers broad data analytics of the market in which the company of interest operates

NOTE: Data coverage varies by companies.