Database Guide: FactSet: Overview

How to Access

Content Coverage & Description

FactSet offers comprehensive data and analytics on global financial and economic markets and companies. Data coverage includes:

  • Financial data on 70,000+ public and private companies worldwide with historical coverage for developed markets from 1980s and for emerging markets from 1990s
  • Up-to 2,000 historical financial metrics data items for close to 100 countries
  • Historical financial data on 5,000 global indices, as well as fixed income, commodities, alternative investments markets, and more

Support Resources

Under Learning Portal tab find video tutorials and link to Live Training Calendar for online training schedule.

Click dropdown at upper right and select Online Assistant or FactSet Tipsheets to view applications' help pages.

Customizing Workspace

FactSet workspace is defined by selected application tabs on top bar. NOTE: Not all tabs are displayed upon login to the database.

Workspace is fully customizable by either or a combination of the following methods:

  • Click the button on the tab bar to open an Add Tabs to Workspace window where you can perform the following operations:
    • Select a tab, then click to add a tab to workspace
    • Click to add a custom tab
  • Click the Preferences icon in top right corner, then from drop-down list select:
    • Workspace > Open to choose a predefined Workspace configuration
    • Or Workspace > New to create a custom workspace
    • Or Workspace > Save As to save a custom workspace in Personal folder
  • To find/add a tab by keyword(s), use the Search FactSet option. See below the How to Search section of this guide. For example, find/add a tab where you can find earnings calls transcripts:
  1. Click the Search FactSet (magnifying glass) icon in top left corner.
  2. Enter "transcripts" in search box.
  3. Select @EC | Application Event /Calendar.
  4. FactSet opens the respective page and automatically adds the tab to the top bar if it is not there.

How to Search

FactSet search is menu-driven through its customizable interface called Workspace. To search:

  • On top menu bar, select a tab, then a sub-tab where available or a field from left panel. On some screens, select options to modify results, e.g. by dates, data item, etc.

    Not all available tabs are displayed on default Workspace. See above the Customizing Workspace section of this guide.


  1. Click the Search FactSet (Magnifying glass) icon in top left corner to search by keywords.
  2. Start typing your search term, such as a company or security name, country name, etc.
  3. Select identifier from auto-fill list if there.

If the identifier is not on the list or to customize your search, use the following additional options:

  1. Click the Search FactSet (Magnifying glass) icon in top left corner to search by keywords. See above.
  2. At top of auto-fill list, click the category. For example, click Debt if you are looking for company's debt. Then select the identifier from auto-fill list.

    NOTE: The displayed categories vary based on your keyword entry.

Click the Advanced ID Search link at the bottom left of the auto-fill list to invoke the Identifier Lookup function. See How to Use Identifier Lookup section of this guide under Finding Identifiers tab.

Printing, saving, exporting: click a respective icon above results.