Retail & eCommerce Industry

This guide is designed to give you an overview of resources for to research the retail and eCommerce industry.


The following resources can be used to research the retail and ecommerce industry.

While these resources are generally the most relevant, there may be other resources available. If you are looking for something in particular or cannot find a lot of information about a niche segment, please Ask Us.

Industry & Market Reports

These databases contain market & industry reports. They provide overviews of the industry as well as the intended market or end consumer.

Additional Resources

Consumer Discovery

The following databases contain demographic profiles such as age, gender, income etc., and also offer data on consumer behavioral characteristics towards purchasing (e.g. brand preference, expenditure habits, popularity trends, etc.). By using the suggested resources, you can identify your target markets and create socio-demographic profiles of your target consumers.

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More Sources of Industry Info

In addition to industry and market reports, there are many other ways to analyze an industry, gain insights, and find relevant statistics and data.

Statistics Databases

These databases contain industry statistical data in tables or charts. They're a good place to start as they collect information from many sources.

U.S. Government Statistical Resources

Industry Associations 

Industry associations often have great information. Look for sections on their websites like "Resources", "Publications", or "Data," but note some resources may be restricted to members.

Additional Resources


These resources focus on a specific industry which includes a retail component, or analyse the retail industry for specific markets.

These databases focus on the technological aspects of the retail business, such as creating digital infrastructure, using AI, automating store activities both in-store and online, business analytics, and more.

For research on retail industry, from the top tabs select Solutions > Industry Insights > IDC Retail Insights.

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