Market & Industry Reports @Stanford

Learn how to find market and industry reports at Stanford, and additional ways to create your own market or industry analysis.

Where to Find Market & Industry Reports

Here are our top suggestions for what databases to use based on what industries or geographies you're looking for.

Can't find the report you want? When searching for reports:

  • use different keywords (e.g. clothing, apparel, fashion, etc.).
  • search for a broader topic - the reports often have sub-sections that get more specific.
  • see alternative market research strategies.

Reports by Industry

The following typically include market reports and data for consumer products and services like retail, food and beverages, etc. The other tabs may be helpful if you're looking for things like consumer tech or solar panels for houses.

Tech - General

These resources contain market reports and data on various tech industries, products, or services, like wearables, cloud computing, AR/VR, etc.

Enterprise IT

These resources tend to focus on institutional IT markets and are geared towards IT professionals who need to understand the current market when making procurement or implementation decisions.

Additional Resources

The following resources tend to include reports on engineering-related industries, like semiconductors and electric vehicles.

These resources include reports on various medial-related industries, products, or services like electronic health records, vaccines, orthopedic devices, etc. See also the related tabs for Consumer or Tech-focused market reports too.

Additional Resources

These resources include market reports and information on energy-related industries, products, and services like solar panels or oil.

Additional Resources

These resources include market reports and information in media, communications, and telecommunications industries, products, and services. See also the Consumer and Tech tabs.

Additional Resources

Reports for Specific Geographic Locations

Most of the market reports we have access to are either focused globally or on the U.S. or North America.

The best places to get market and industry reports on specific countries or regions outside of the U.S. are below. Note, many other resources have global reports that have subsections or tables on specific geographies, so be sure to check those as well. 

Search Tip: Enter keywords in the search box near the middle of the page. Under 'Reports', select 'Country/Regional Market Research' or 'Global Market Research'.

Additional Resources

Related Resources

Beyond Market Reports

There are many other ways to find market data or better understand a market. Here are some more resources, or Ask Us for more assistance.

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